Where is Gerald Cotten now from Netflixs Hunt for the Crypto King?

Secret Service in a global sting operation targeting an online marketplace for stolen credit card information and forged documents. Dhanani, who was known on another message board as an expert in “washing” funds, was arrested in Southern California, where he was living with his family. Upon pleading guilty to conspiring to transfer stolen identification documents, he was sentenced to 18 months in federal prison. Both would become regulars on the message boards (“board whores”) and seek each other out on similar HYIP sites; Cotten averaged four posts a day on TalkGold alone. Patryn would tell friends that they’d first met in a con artist meet-cute, like the thieves in an Ernst Lubitsch film who fall in love while picking each other’s pockets. Cotten tried to scam Patryn; Patryn tried to counter-scam Cotten.

The site is said to have attracted a strange brew of people who ranged from gullible suckers to sharp hustlers hoping to rope them in. Cotten now stands accused of perpetrating an ultra-modern Ponzi scheme, powered by technology and 21st century cunning. And some investors are suspicious that he may have faked his own death. Inside Jerry Falwell Jr.’s Unlikely Rise and Precipitous Fall at Liberty UniversityJerry Falwell Jr. was the Trump-anointing dark prince of the Christian right. Then a sex scandal rocked his marriage and ended his lucrative stewardship of the evangelical education empire founded by his father. In a series of exclusive interviews, Falwell—accompanied by his wife, Becki—describes the events that led to his ouster, their fallout, and why he’s finally ready to admit he never had much use for his father’s church anyway.

gerald cotten

“I like this place,” said Mounika, 13, in hesitant English. The couple planned to ”spend two hours there for dedication, and we planned for them to eat with the children,” said Stephen Chittibabu, who works with Angel House in India, where its homes house 4,285 children. It was this orphanage that Mr. Cotten and Ms. Robertson said they were coming to open. He built his company from the ground up,” Ms. Robertson wrote in an e-mail to Angel House. This is where, on Dec. 13, Rama Rao Cherukupalli had erected a tent for a grand opening ceremony outside a small new concrete building, painted mint green with orange trim.

What Happened to Jennifer Robertson and Where Is Gerald Cotten’s Wife Now?

Cold wallets are distinguished from “hot wallets” in that they are stored on computers that are not connected to the internet, and thus are a much harder target for hackers. Commentators praised Cotten for this precautionary step, but criticized him for failing to take steps so others at his company could open up the cold wallets if he should die or become incapacitated. Investigators found the cold wallets were commonly used to store bitcoin starting in April 2014, but what is mb8 coin in April 2018 all but one of them were abruptly emptied and left dormant. When the widowed wife posted on Quadriga’s Facebook page in January 2019 that her 30-year-old husband was dead— and later that he was the only person with the passcodes to customer funds, the crypto community was abuzz with theories. These ‘cold wallets’ are protected by an impossibly long, randomly generated private key. Most people write the passwords down and store them in a separate safe.

They planned to spend four nights in the city, according to their booking with the Oberoi, which sent an Audi Q7 to the airport to pick them up, according to e-mails obtained by The Globe. A hotel built as a modern-day palace, the Oberoi was ranked the second-best resort hotel in the country last year by Travel + Leisure, outranking even the city’s actual palace, the Rambagh, where Jacqueline Kennedy once stayed. Documents gathered by The Globe show that the couple arrived in New Delhi on Nov. 30, entering the country on tourist visas. An image posted to Instagram shows the couple beaming at the Taj Mahal in Agra, one of the country’s best-known attractions. They also spent time in Varanasi, the ancient city on the banks of the Ganges that is one of Hinduism’s holiest sites. And The Globe’s reporting reveals a man with an appetite for luxury, who, together with his new wife, spent as if money was no object.

gerald cotten

Mr. Sharma, the hotel’s general manager, did not respond to a request for comment on the hotel’s involvement. “As far as the cause of death is concerned, it is none of our business. Our business is just to infuse the chemicals in the body for preservative purposes,” said Dhiraj Saxena, an anatomy professor at SMS. No autopsy was done on Mr. Cotten and, two months later, his rapid death still troubles Dr. Sharma. Some time around noon the next day, with his condition little changed from the night before, hospital staff took Mr. Cotten for an ultrasound. Mr. Cotten had vomited 10 times, reported 15 episodes of watery stools, had experienced “crampy abdominal pain and some back discomfort,” was feverish and had a background of Crohn’s disease, according to a death report prepared by Dr. Sharma.

Cryptocurrency is backed by underlying technology called the ‘blockchain.’ The simplest way to think about it – is as digital ledger, or a spread sheet where one can verify the whole history of transactions. Cryptocurrency is a form of digital money designed to be free standing from a central authority like the Federal Reserve bank. Quadriga kept his death secret for a month before making it public, which immediately fueled skepticism. What followed next was a macabre story of how Cotten’s body was shuffled between hospitals in Jaipur for an embalming. Suddenly sensational theories flooded the internet that the Bitcoin millionaire had faked his own death, run off with the money, and was living under an assumed identity abroad.


When the 30-year-old died — unexpectedly and mysteriously — in 2018, some $250 million worth of Canadian cash and cryptocurrency also went missing. Around 75,000 customers of Cotten’s QuadrigaCX crypto exchange suddenly lost fortunes they had earmarked for everything from tuition to retirement funds, life savings and mortgages. “More importantly, the court has made no ruling yet on whether CIBC acted appropriately in freezing the funds in the first place. Regarding this point, we are considering our next steps.” According to the Halifax Chronicle Herald the company released documents in mid-January 2019, that showed he died “suddenly” at a private hospital in Jaipur, India.

She froze and said something about having to shampoo her cats. In isolation this might be written off as teenage hijinks—or at most light fraud. In October 2004, TalkGold members began to debate whether Patryn might in fact be Omar Dhanani, one of 28 suspects who had been arrested by the U.S.

They headed to Fortis Escorts Hospital, part of a private health-care chain. Other hospitals in Jaipur are grim places, with bathrooms that have no soap and patients milling about in hallways. Fortis, located behind a high wall along a tree-lined street, is a more modern operation.

gerald cotten

The death certificate, obtained by The Globe, lists his address at time of death as the Oberoi Rajvilas. SMS records examined by The Globe show the body was delivered and picked up by Oberoi representatives. The records include a copy of an Oberoi employee’s driver’s licence, along with a phone number that rang through to the Oberoi security department. A person who answered the phone said it was inappropriate for a journalist to be asking questions about what happened.

Where is the Crypto King now?

Reported by Fansided, Globe and Mail journalist Nathan Vanderklippe spoke to Dr. Sharma, who dealt with Cotten when he came into the hospital. The doctor stated that while dying from Crohn’s disease is very rare, Cotten appeared to show signs of illness and suffered from three heart attacks in the same day – the paramedics were unable to resuscitate him after his third cardiac arrest. Netflix’s documentary definitely seems to be in the corner that Cotten did die, despite the mystery surrounding his death. Hairdresser, 54, accused of murdering her husband – who died after suffering a single stab wound three days… About C$34 million was recovered by the bankruptcy trustee and paid to clients.

  • Soon after checking in, Cotten complained of acute stomach pain and was driven to a nearby hospital where he was diagnosed with traveler’s diarrhea.
  • “What Quadriga really did with the money that customers gave it to buy Bitcoin remains a mystery,” according to Chainalysis.
  • Gerald Cotten is allegedly meant to have died from Crohn’s disease after the exchange crashed.

Cotten died in December 2018 due to complications from Crohn’s disease while traveling to India. Cotten’s wife has also said she had no knowledge of her late husband’s dealings. He – and other investors – have been critical of the Canadian authorities for what they claim is a lack of investigation. ‘He couldn’t control himself, by the looks of things, and blew just an absolutely eye-popping amount of money,’ QCX-INT told the podcast. Investigations by the Canada’s Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the FBI are ongoing after investors raised concerns about the mysterious timing of Cotten’s death.

As it turned out, Michael Patryn—as Michael Perklin and nearly everyone in the close-knit Canadian cryptocurrency community had known for years—was not really Michael Patryn. Which meant that Cotten was not really who he said he was either. The smiling boy visited Sunnybrook Yachts in the summer of 2017, after the value of Bitcoin had reached an all-time high, having tripled in five months.

The official cause of death was “complications from Crohn’s disease,” but the gastroenterologist who treated Cotten told the Globe and Mail that the death still haunted him. In 2017, Quadriga processed nearly $2 billion in trades from 363,000 individual accounts, taking a cut of every transaction. Over several dozen hours of sailing lessons, the yacht dealer learned a few things about his customer. One of those bay islands—four acres of pine encircled by black sand—Cotten purchased that summer. He cleared trees and built a house, though he had no apparent plans to move in.

The orphanage is still missing seven doors – including one to its bathroom – because he does not have the money. Unknown to him, the Angel House donation came from a Canadian cryptocurrency entrepreneur. Yet even without their presence, the orphanage opened on Dec. 13, and Mr. Cherukupalli and his wife, Rajitha, are now taking care of a dozen children here. On a recent evening, the children sat on the floor in perfect lines, quietly doing homework and giggling at a visitor.

Did Gerald Cotten fake his own death?

Every Bitcoin transaction appears in a public ledger—the blockchain—that can be consulted by anybody with internet access. Within hours of the announcement of Cotten’s death, a crowdsourced, scrupulously documented investigation, applying the logic and methodology of the blockchain, was afoot. A couple of years after graduation, Cotten moved to Vancouver and joined a clubby community of entrepreneurs who had become enamored with Bitcoin. He attended meetups at coffee shops and dorm rooms, organized by https://cryptolisting.org/ a core group of about 10 people, who called themselves the Vancouver Bitcoin Co-op. Most of these early acolytes were drawn to the digital currency’s libertarian ethos, its promises of decentralization, transparency, speed, and independence from governments and financial institutions. Bitcoin would enable more than two billion people who lacked access to banks to send and receive payment; it would offer stability to citizens of countries with chaotic currencies; it would eliminate all banking fees.

After he squandered what remained in Quadriga’s coffers, the price of Bitcoin plunged, and there was a run on the exchange. Then he flew to India, where things managed to get even worse. Among those Mueller warned was Amber Scott, an anti-money-laundering expert at a compliance firm in Toronto called Outlier Solutions. But when she met Cotten at the Toronto Bitcoin hub Decentral, she found him funny and sweet. She decided that his involvement might mean that Quadriga was legitimate after all. She appeared with him, and even introduced him, at conferences.

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After the exchange was put into maintenance mode for several days in January, they announced on the 31st that they were applying for creditor protection. According to an affidavit by the CEO’s widow, approximately 115,000 customers are owed C$250 million (US$190 million), most of which was cryptocurrency held in Quadriga’s cold wallet in the laptop that only the deceased CEO had access to. Blockchain analysts have reported that they are unable to find evidence of Quadriga’s cold wallets on the blockchain, a public ledger used for cryptocurrencies.

“Examples of previous lost funds include £180million that was lost when Gerald Cotten died and took with him the password for his investors’ money.” “Some customers have even questioned the death of Mr Cotten, taking to social media platforms to demand proof in the form of an obituary or death certificate. According to Coindesk, a death certificate was included in the list of court documents.” In 2013, three years after graduation Cotten co-founded QuadrigaCX, a cryptocurrency exchange, with a man known as Mike Patryn. Others spend as many as three days at the orphanages their dollars have built.

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